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Tiffin delivery service in Lucknow- Tifola

Tiffin delivery service in Lucknow

People living away from home usually have daily food issues and their pocket doesn't allow them to spend excessively over money. They rely on tiffin delivery service and tiffin service with price list which are easily affordable.

Another thing they have to keep in mind in choosing a healthy tiffin service which has all the nutrients a body needs. Tifola is a Tiffin service in Lucknow which already serves a full meal at an affordable price. But what makes it a healthy tiffin delivery ?

How food is prepared

Tifola has established its own mess where food is prepared in a hygienic manner. All covid-19 protocols are  followed while making the food , packaging and delivering it. Tifola aims at providing healthy tiffin service to its customers which taste good as well. The food is packed in a tiffin which is designed by Tifola itself. It contains 4 big container along with a tray and salad space.

Tifola's menu includes:

Tifola's menu changes everyday and everyday it's a new healthy and tasty meal.

  • Chapaati
  • Rice- Plain rice, Veg Pulao etc.
  • Dal- Arhar Dal, Masoor Dal, Urad Dal, Chana Dal etc.
  • Dry Veg- Aloo Methi, Aloo Gobi, Methi Aloo, Bhindi etc.
  • Gravy Veg- Chhole, Rajma, Paneer, Kadhi, Kofte etc.
  • Raita- Boondi Raita, Kheera Raita, Masala Raita etc.
  • Salad- Fresh Salad with Tomatoes, Onions etc.
  • Dessert- Gulab Jamun, Rass malai, Halwa etc.

As you can see the menu includes healthy meals which are flavourful as well.

Tifola is unique

Tifola cares about their customers health and tase buds at the same time. The only tiffin delivery service in Lucknow which is providing full meal easily affordable by everyone. Tiffins monthly price is easily affordable by everyone and is healthy and tasty as well. This makes Tifola the best tiffin delivery service in Lucknow.