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Looking for best tiffin service in Lucknow? - Tifola Blog

Looking for best tiffin service in Lucknow?

TIFOLA- Cheapest Tiffin delivery service in Gomti Nagar Lucknow


Whenever someone travels to Lucknow for their Job or education, the first thing they search on google is 
"best tiffin service in lucknow" "cheap food delivery services in gomti nagar" "tiffin service under Rs 50"
and more. But what if instead of searching all this, people search tifola?

Choose More. Choose Tifola.

Tifola is the answer to all these problems. Tifola provides best tiffin service in lucknow at very affordable cost.
Our tiffins are available at low prices at Rs 59. We aim to "serve more charge less"
as cheap tiffin service is an issue for many people. Tifola solved this issue by providing affordable food delivery 
and tiffins.

we prepare our food in an hygeinic environment in our own Mess that we've established. Food is prepared with
fresh and healthy ingredients so that our customers dont have to compromise with the quality of food. Many
companies aim for profit  and provide low quality food at high prices. But not at Tifola. We serve our
customers a good quantity of food at less price to keep them satisfied.

Best quality Tiffins at Less Price

Good quality tiffins at cheap prices in Lucknow is not a problem anymore. Not only we provide tiffins at low
cost but we makr sure the customers hunger is satisfied. Our menu includes a wide range of north indian dishes
which changes daily. Our menu includes Roti, various types of Daals, Raitas, and sabjis and also Paneer, rajma
kadhi, kofte and a lot more on our full package menu at the tifola app.

visual image of tifola's LAPBOX


Tifola serves their customers lunch in dinner in its very own lunchbox called as the "Lapbox". This lunchbox
is specially designed at Tifola and comes in a shape of a plate. It has 4 big containers for daal, sabji, raita 
and sweet dish, along with space for roti and chawal as well as salad and achaar.

Choose TIFOLA- the best tiffin delivery service

All of these reasons are why Tifola is the best tiffin delivery service in lucknow. Tifola with its unique 
methods of serving lunch and dinner and providing the tiffin delivery service for cheap is what makes it
favourable for the masses. Choose tifola to keep both your stomach and wallet full