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Affordable breakfast and Food Delivery Service - Tifola Blog

Affordable breakfast and Food Delivery Service

Tifola: A Convenient and Affordable Food Delivery Service 

Customizable Tiffins: 

• Tifola is a food delivery service that aims to address the common challenge of finding good, affordable meals and breakfast delivery for people who are away from home for work or study. 

Here's how Tifola helps fulfill the daily food requirements of people: 

• Customers can customize their tiffins according to their preferences and control the quantity of food. 

Diverse Menu: 

• They offer home cooked food with a variety of dishes including paneer, sweets, daal, dry/mix veg, green veg, raita, and chutney. 

• The menu changes based on seasonal availability of agricultural products. 


• The service provides breakfast, lunch and dinner, which can be delivered to different addresses, making it convenient for users with varying schedules. 


• Tifola emphasizes providing good quality food (Breakfast and Tiffin service) at a low cost, which is particularly beneficial for students, working professionals and Senior citizen on a budget. 

Mobile App 

• With their mobile app, customers have full control over their orders, including the ability to pause and resume delivery, customization of quantity, add extra items like Paneer parathe, Sandwich, Imarti, change addresses, easily schedule delivery between home and office and order for family and friends. 

• By offering these features, Tifola helps ensure that people have access to tasty and nutritious meals every day without the hassle of cooking, especially after a long day of work or study.


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