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Best Tiffin service in Lucknow- Tifola - Tifola Blog

Best Tiffin service in Lucknow- Tifola

A healthy tiffin service in Lucknow

Favourable and healthy food is a necessity in everyone’s life. What people expect at the end of the day or in the middle of the day is food which savour our tongues. So many people of our country leave their hometown for their jobs and education and one leading complication they face is “good food”. To overcome this some people cook themselves or use tiffin services. After a long, exhausting day of work there is no option than to use tiffin services to fulfil their hunger, but most companies aim to get profit rather than provide quality food for their customers and customers must compromise with their food. So, what is the solution to this? Tifola.

We at Tifola aim to solve this problem and provide people with good quality home-like food at very affordable prices. “Less Money and More Taste” is the code we live by at Tifola. Satisfying the customer is our biggest priority and the satisfaction for customers is a few clicks away through our app. Our App controls all aspects of orders, and all prices and tiffin combo details are available there. customers can even customise the quantity of order they want to place, lunch and dinner can be placed separately on different addresses, orders can be tracked and there are many more features available at our app. We provide Lunch and Dinner everyday on specific timings and there are variety of tiffins available in our menu. Be it for office employees, school students or even individually for someone who wants to lounge and yet enjoy a delicious healthy meal, Tifola is always available at their doorstep to fulfil Lunch and Dinner demands of its consumers.

About the menu

Our menu involves all the favourites of mostly north Indian dishes to fil the void of “ghar ka khaana” in consumers life like Kadhi, Rajma, various types of paneer, Dals and sabjis like Aaloo Gobhi, Aaloo matar etc. along with hand tossed rotis, different types of raita and chutneys along with a sweet dessert like Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, halwa and what not. We will start Non veg and Chinese in our menu as well in near future. We deliver food in our own lunchboxes specially curated by Tifola which comes with 4 big containers to store rotis, daal, rice, raita/chutney and sweet dish separately. Our aim is to provide the best tiffin service experience to our buyers.

Currently established in Lucknow, we aim to expand our tiffin service throughout India, after getting positive outputs in lucknow. To maintain the standard quality of food Tiffola has rooted its own ‘mess’ where food is prepared hygienically by our chefs. We will also make pick up joints and start restaurants where people can come and enjoy food at very low costs.

Tifola has solved a major complication for people who are busy in their work and education lives and almost anyone tired from a long day and still want to enjoy tasteful quality food in prices people can afford and that’s a major reform. And that food still provide consumers the warmth like a household , All this is more of a reason to choose Tifola whenever you feel like order a meal. 
So will you choose Tifola?