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Tifola is a tiffin service brand, It provides fast and healthy food at your office and home. It will remind you of "GHAR KA KHANA"


We provide safe and healthy tiffin service

टिfola Innovation and technology are the pinpoint of today's world. The way technologies are transforming has changed the perspective of people. The world is moving on a road of becoming a high-tech digital world.However, Tifola (The Part of GreenStone Technologies) is committed to a growth-driven world by innovating limitless consumption for our customers. Since 2013, Greenstone Technologies' ambition is to give a meaning to the new ideas and inventions in a form of latest tools and technologies which is based on consumer's need and wants. We create Technologies which make you enter into the new digital world.

Started in 2020, Tifola Tiffin Service is a global food service company (a rising segment of Green Stone Technologies) with more than 1000 satisfied clients.We provide safe and healthy tiffin service at your doostep and office To making food, Confectioner always use mask. All empolyee use social Distance to each-other


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